Deaf groom gets teary-eyed when bride signs ‘their song’

There’s nothing quite like the perfect wedding song. When you find a love song that easily defines your relationship and makes you tear up, it’s worth saving for your special day.

Liz knew that ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri was the perfect song for her and her husband Scott. But she worried that due to Scott being deaf the deep emotions in the song’s lyrics wouldn’t be conveyed through lip reading.

Before her special day, she learned the exact signs and gestures that could be used for the song. She memorized exactly how she would perform the song, standing at the end of the aisle before she went to meet him at the altar.

And when the day came, she performed flawlessly. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Liz poured her heart out through sign language, including Scott’s. She delivers each line perfectly, prompting her husband to wipe his eyes several times.When the song is over, she walks up the aisle and joins him, and their love is clear from the way they look at each other. Surely no one can get through this song without tearing up just a little.

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