One in a million. How Snow White lives now – an unusual girl Amina, who amazed the world with her beauty

Looking at this snow-white blonde girl, it’s just impossible to believe that this is not photoshop And now this baby is known all over the world because of her rare appearance. The unique appearance of 11-year-old Amina in a few months allowed the girl to become popular not only at home but throughout the world.

The beauty of the baby was revealed by a photographer, who shared some photos on social media. The pictures made a splash: on average, the girl’s work gets 1,500 likes, but more than 10,000 people liked Amina’s images, writes Oddity Central.

Many suspected the photographer of retouching and deceit, but people who knew the girl personally assured those who doubted that Amin was just like that in life, and maybe even more beautiful. Instagram users were upset that the baby does not lead social networks, although with such an appearance it is simply necessary.

Albino models are not as rare as it might seem, but Amina’s feature is different. The appearance of the girl combines two phenomena, the combination of which is already amazing – albinism and heterochromia.

Now the girl is quietly studying in high school. For one five. She has many friends – children and teachers have long been accustomed to the unusual appearance of a beautiful neighbor. Fair-haired Amina, admiring fans often even predict a career as a supermodel. But the modest girl flatly refuses such a thing. He does not even want to conduct new photo shoots. Doesn’t lead to social media. She says that she dreams of becoming a teacher or a doctor.

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