Mini-Dachshund’s master plan to escape the yard is hilariously halted

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean they’re always content to stay inside. Curiosity often gets the best of them, so they try to sneak out for a taste of freedom.

This video, posted by TikTok user @scouty_lou_themini, stars a Mini-Dachshund named Scouty Lou. Scouty Lou seems to also have a strong desire for complete freedom, and as it turns out, he also has quite a reputation as an escape artist!

As a tiny dog, he’s slim enough to easily slip through the fence and escape from the yard. His puppy parents, however, seem familiar with these antics. As such, they’ve come up with a solution!

Scouty Lou, wearing a blue doggy harness, is shown right in front of the fence. He’s obviously planning his escape; only a few seconds in, he tries to jump through the posts.

Unfortunately for him, his parents spoiled his plan by placing a wooden spoon through the back of his harness! His body might fit through the fence, but this sideways spoon will not, as Scouty soon finds out.

He catches on to the fact that he’s been set up quite quickly, looking back at the camera as if to say, “why!?. Instead of trying again, Scouty lies down, rolls over, and tries to pull the spoon with his mouth.

This solution might have worked for the time being, but once Scouty figures out that the spoon comes out the other way, his puppy parents will have to figure out something new. Fortunately for us, though, that’s not our problem: we can just sit back & enjoy this adorable escape attempt!

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