Ed Sheeran falls in love with a little ginger kitten that looks just like him!

Ed Sheeran is holding a tiny ginger kitten while he is expected to answer fans burning questions (yeah, right!) Cue upbeat music! You can hardly contain the smile on his face when he is playing with them. A little calico kitten comes along to take the ginger’s place. Ed does not mind. He scoops the kitten right up and scratches its little face.

As he is answering questions about pop music, the kittens keep coming! A lighter kitten is in the background as Ed is playing with a ball hanging from a string. A tiny black kitten joins the party and is mesmerized by the shiny ball at the end of the string. He answers one question about whether his and Taylor Swift’s cats have ever played together.

He says he does not think her cats have been to England, as he still plays with the kittens. His cats do not like going anywhere, he says. He holds the ginger cat again, picks up both calico cats, and it looks like he is making them kiss each other. Then, he picks up the little black kitty again. He is so sweet, giving each kitten equal time. The kittens continue to be astonished by simple things like balls.

It is difficult to concentrate for the person watching the video and Ed, even though he manages to answer each question thoughtfully and thoroughly. He picks up the darker calico again and admires it as he continues speaking. The black kitten runs off in the background, which is adorably hilarious!

During the entire interview, Ed plays with these kittens. His joy is infectious. He is rather attached to the ginger kitten the most. Your heart will melt like chocolate candy when Ed Sheeran plays with these precious babies.

As a bonus, the kittens were there with Ed through Best Friends Animal Society, and their goal is to find each kitten a good home and furever family. “All cats need love!”

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