The dog who was left without puppies starts taking care of other puppies who were left without a mother-dog.

Being animal does not prevent the dog from doing a mother’s duty.

Motherly attitude is the most wonderful thing in the world. It gives children pressure, great love and care.

This love can be so strong that mothers start caring for other people’s children. Once 10 puppies were left without a mother. She died after giving birth.

Of course, good people were appeared who took care of the pups, but of course they needed a mother.

Suddenly they learned of a dog that had lost her pappies and was very depressed.

Pepper was confused until the children were brought to her. Without hesitation, she began to feed the pups.

So both the pups and Pepper felt good.

From that day on, Pepper happily cared for the cubs, and their mother would be happy to know about Pepper’s actions.

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