So Pity!- The Touching Story of a Homeless Mom and an Ill Puppy

When a homeless cute pit bull mommy and her little pup were taken to an animal shelter which is situated in Texas it was obvious that the adorable family couple had been living in awful conditions. Both AJ the mommy dog and Tuttle the little cutie were had awful health problems of mange and worms.

At first the cuties were so much afraid but then realizing that the volunteers and the vets weren’t going to hurt him and they were just going to help them they started to let them come closer. After getting the proper treatment both cuties were becoming healthier and happier day by day.

This wonderful mother-daughter couple wouldn’t have been able to survive if it weren’t for the generous donations of the kind people to Vet Ranch.

Don’t you think that we need more kindness in this cruel world ?

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