Little sister, big love: a story of a German Shepherd and his tiny sidekick

If you love German Shepherds, you have come to the right place. In this video, an older German Shepherd named Rocky seems confused at first by his younger counterpart, Jessie, the German Shepherd puppy. The puppy is cute and petite, and Rocky is curious about her energy. The young pup is so sweet and innocent. They sniff each other out to try to figure each other out, and Jessie steals Rocky’s toys.

Rocky allows it and does not make a fuss. Instead, Rocky appears to be a loving parental figure, watching the puppy play and ensuring her safety and happiness. Jessie is content to play and have fun. Rocky may even be trying to teach the pup a lesson in assertiveness. He allows her to get up and walk away with the ball and accomplishes this by engaging with her. At first, it looks like playing, but Rocky may also be teaching. It is so cute that Rocky is willing to share.

Rocky is so sweet with her, and the puppy seems to enjoy the camaraderie they have between them, as it is like a student and mentor type relationship. The way the two of them play together is just precious!

The two pups appear to struggle with the ball, but Rocky is teaching Jessie how to play. Jessie is learning to play and have fun with Rocky, and Rocky challenges the puppy with the ball. It is so cute to watch the relationship between the two develop as Rocky teaches Jessie to play fair. Rocky and Jessie’s fun-filled relationship is just getting started. Watch this video because there is always little cuteness.

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