About the site

Hello everyone!! I present to your attention our website “Like time” liketime.am . I love giving joy to people, bringing good moments into their lives, making people happy, sharing with them all the good things that I know…

For the first time I created a culinary website just for you, my dear ones, do not judge strictly… Our site is not like other culinary sites, I shared not only delicious recipes, but also told about different cuisines, different countries. I also shared with you folk recipes from different countries, there are many articles about folk medicine.

Since I am most interested in the cuisine of each country, I separately told about them on my website.

I will be sincerely glad if my website will help you in cooking, or traditional medicine will improve your health.

I love you very much! And I’m waiting on the pages of my culinary blog.

Sincerely, “Like time”… liketime.am

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